1 Oct 2014

My blog is not my world but definitely it is my diary . lol


yet , i have many thing to write in this thing but something hold me from doing it so .

so , from now on ... ready to write , no one will read these so only me will remember these , haha ,, *syok sendiri 

many thing have been hold since my first travel . act, since i have been arrive in jordan .

everytime i got thing to say in this thing , 

yet , i will think that  im not good enough to write  blog 

always try to show a perfect but i can't and keep postpone it until now . 

it been 4 years and yet nothing i have been written in this blog ... hahaha
*lack of confident there bro 

believe me .

One thing that u must do before u move on in life . believe in yourself and it will be blast yo .. 

Insan biase.